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Transform your hair journey
with personalized care

Combat the effects of stress, diet, and bad hair habits with individualized insights and personalized routines with your personal hair coach - the MMARA app.

MMARA insights providing freedom of self-expression
MMARA insights providing freedom of self-expression
Why choose MMARA?
Because being you should be simple.
The MMARA app uses insights from your hair care and lifestyle habits to help you better understand what your hair needs and when. With habit and progress tracking, personalized recommendations and community support you will be on your way to your healthiest hair.
How it works
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Answer a few questions about your hair and routine. Get your personal hair profile to deepen your understanding of your unique strands.
Track your daily habits. From hydration to your stress levels to your styling routine, track what matters and find out what is helping or hurting your hair’s health.
Get insights and custom recommendations. The MMARA app analyzes your habits and routines and provides insights and recommendations to help you optimize your hair care.
MMARA hair coach dashboard render
Features to help you master your hair routine
Illustration of the hair product scanner scanning a product and providing the user with a match score.

Product Match Scores

Time is money, we want to save you both. MMARA’s product matching algorithm takes the guesswork out of choosing the right products for your hair.

Illustration of one of the graphs from the insights page showing the comparison between moisture and breakage and a smiling woman stretching her shrinkage!

Data Driven Insights

Consistency is critical for healthy hair. MMARA’s personalized, data-driven approach provides insights to help you stay on track.

An illustration of four women together signifying community

Community Support

Connect and share your experiences and wins with a community who understands the unique challenges and joys of maintaining textured hair.

We are MMARA
Our mission is to empower users with data about their hair care and lifestyle habits to help them gain control over their beauty routines, agency in selecting the right products and to promote their unique self-expression.
MMARA CEO Crystal Kwentoh
Crystal Kwentoh
A mom of three and marketing executive who has been through many seasons with her relaxed hair, including dealing with and recovering from postpartum hair loss.
MMARA CGO Obianozo Chukwuma
Obi Chukwuma
A young professional living in the city with a tight budget, determined to master her own hair, she chopped her hair off in 2015 and has successfully grown healthy, long relaxed hair, but now she's transitioning!
MMARA COO Onyi Chukwuma
Onyi Chukwuma
A busy mom and protective hairstyle enthusiast who started her natural hair journey in 2018 after being relaxed for many years. She has spent years rebuilding her hair’s health.