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Your personal hair care coach - because being you should be simple.

How MMARA works

We want to give you control over your hair and seamlessly integrate it into your lifestyle. With the MMARA app, there is no more guessing, no more stress, just real tools for real results.

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Get a personalized routine

Take the MMARA quiz to get your hair profile, a custom routine, and an overview of key attributes that contribute to your hair health.

Track of your progress

Use the progress tracker to start tracking elements that contribute to hair health, such as breakage levels and changes in length. Plus start populating your image gallery to generate automatic photographic comparisons of your progress.

Gain helpful insights

Check out your insights. We identify trends and patterns in your attributes to help you improve your routine and reach your goals.

Get support

Sticking to a routine can be hard, so let us remember. We provide behavioral support such as helpful reminders to stay consistent, as well as helpful tips and tricks specific to your lifestyle.

Shop Smarter

Scan products while shopping in-store or look up products while shopping online and receive a match rating to simplify product selection.

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We know the struggle because we live it. Caring for textured hair does not have to be hard, we just need better tools. We were tired of spending time, money and energy with few results, so we decided to do something about it.

Illustration of Co-Founder, Crystal
Crystal Kwentoh
A mom of three and marketing executive who has been through many seasons with her relaxed hair, including dealing with and recovering from postpartum hair loss.
Illustration of Co-Founder, Obi
Obi Chukwuma
A young professional living in the city with a tight budget, determined to master her own hair, she chopped her hair off in 2015 and has successfully grown healthy, long relaxed hair.
Illustration of Co-Founder, Onyi
Onyi Chukwuma
A busy mom and protective hairstyle enthusiast who started her natural hair journey in 2018 after being relaxed for many years. She has spent years rebuilding her hair’s health.

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